The IACSD Standards (2015) state that dental sedation nurses (referred to historically as 'the second appropriate person') must be trained and experienced in the sedation technique being used.

A formal post-registration qualification (e.g. the Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing of the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses) is desirable but not essential.

Dental nurses who are registered with the GDC and were working as a dental sedation nurse before 20 April 2015 are covered by the 'Transitional Arrangements' on page 87 of the IACSD Standards but they must comply with requirements 1-6 on that page. No additional training or qualifications are required.

Dental nurses who are not covered by the 'Transitional Arrangements' and do not hold a post-registration qualification in conscious sedation are known as 'New Starters'. In order to assist during conscious sedation they must be able to demonstrate that they have attended an accredited course providing the knowledge and skills defined in Appendix 5 of the IACSD Standards. They must also have written evidence of having gained supervised clinical experience in accordance with the recommendations in Table 1 of the IACSD Standards (e.g. 20 IV cases and/or 10 RA cases).

The SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse (SASN) scheme offers 'New Starters' knowledge and skills training, support and independent verification of full compliance with the IACSD Standards.

SASN scheme - what is involved

The first stage of the SASN scheme is the two day SAAD Dental Nurse Course in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry, (SAAD National Course) this is when you will acquire the underpinning knowledge and skills. This course is a stand alone course that can be also attended as a refresher.

To become a SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse you must nominate your clinical supervisor(s) who will be approved by SAAD. You will then be required to Complete Direct Observation of Procedure assessments (DOPs) which will consist of 20 intravenous sedation (IV) cases and /or 10 inhalation (IHS) sedation cases under the supervision of your nominated clinical supervisor. You can choose whether to do only IV, only IHS or both. You will also need to complete a review of your practice/clinic. During this time advice and support will be available from SAAD. All of your documents must be completed within 12 months from commencement and submitted 6 weeks prior to your final assessments. The assessment is a multiple choice question paper covering all sedation techniques and a short practical assessment of airway management skills. The SAAD training schemes are outlined in an article that can be downloaded here.

How to enrol

If you would like to enrol for the SASN scheme please complete the online registration for the first stage, SAAD Dental Nurse Course in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry, the fee for the first stage is £420.

Then enrol for the second stage, SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse scheme, the fee for this stage is £495. The SASN scheme will run from the date you attend the SAAD National course and all documents must be submitted within twelve months of attending the National Course.

The total fee to become a SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse is £915.

You will need to provide the following required information when you register for the SASN scheme. Incomplete registration forms cannot be accepted.

Date you attended the SAAD National Course

Intended sedation technique(s)

Age group of patients (adults, children or both)

Name of proposed clinical supervisor(s)

GDC / GMC No. of proposed clinical supervisor(s)

Qualifications of proposed clinical supervisor(s)

Sedation experience of proposed clinical supervisor(s)

Sedation services offered by proposed clinical supervisor(s)

Address of the practice(s) where the clinical supervision will take place

A brief description of sedation facilities

Any questions?

If you have any questions please contact in the first instance.