Dental hygienists and dental therapists

New to sedation?

Then the SASH/T scheme is for you!


    • STAC accredited course
    • Final written and practical assessments
    • Documents for recording your supervised clinical experience
    • Advice and support
    • Certificate of completion

The SAST scheme is accredited by IACSD / Sedation Training Accreditation Committee (STAC), RCSEng and includes approval of your supervisor, verification of your Clinical Logbook, Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) forms and the SASH/T Practice Checklist.

Successful practitioners will receive a SAAD certificate confirming ‘SAAD Assessed Sedation Therapist/Hygienist’ status which will enable you to practise independently.


The stages of the SASH/T scheme

    • Registration for the SASH/T scheme, nomination of a clinical supervisor and payment of the course fee.
    • Acceptance on to the SASH/T scheme and approval of the clinical supervisor
    • Attendance at the SAAD National Course for the knowledge and skills training
    • Successful completion of the online assessment
    • Completion of 10 IS cases under supervision
    • Submission of logbook(s), DOPs and Practice Evaluation Checklist(s) to SAAD
    • Internal moderation of documents by SAAD
    • Satisfactory completion is confirmed and you become a SAAD Assessed Sedation Therapist/Hygienist able to provide sedation independently in accordance with the IACSD guidance