About SAAD

The Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry is a dental charity dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in pain and anxiety control for dentistry. Often referred to as SAAD (pronounced to rhyme with ‘card’), the society has developed from a small study club in the late 1950s into one of the UK’s largest postgraduate teaching organisations for dentistry. The society’s main function is providing postgraduate education by running courses encouraging the safe provision of conscious sedation for dentistry. A major provision is also made for the training of dental nurses assisting in the procedures for conscious sedation and the management of associated complications. SAAD’s philosophy is that of team training. Please see the Courses pages for further details. SAAD’s other activities include providing scientific seminars, giving expert advice to other bodies including the Department of Health and the General Dental Council; providing experts for guidelines and standards documents; giving expert evidence to the courts and providing individual support and advice to members. The society produces a journal 'SAAD Digest' published twice a year, each March and September, and also the SAAD Newsletter also published twice a year, each June and November. For past copies of the Digest please see the SAAD Digest section. SAAD funds three memorial prize awards for original work with special categories for dental nurses and undergraduates, and also a PhD. (See Prizes) Membership of the society is open to any registered medical or dental practitioner, dental nurse or dental therapist.


SAAD Constitution

The latest amendments to the SAAD Constitution were approved on the 21st April 2006.

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SAAD Local Rules-Bye Laws updated 2017

(Charity Number 1107420)