It is with sadness that we note that Peter has recently passed away aged 98.

He was SAAD president of SAAD 1985 – 1988.

Peter was a consultant anaesthetist at Barts Hospital, with a particular interest in cardio respiratory physiology. He had a no nonsense approach to anaesthesia and sedation and promoted provision by anyone with the knowledge skills and training in a properly equipped environment. He valued the dental profession and recognised the need for pain and anxiety control and that the end provider was usually the dentist. He forged inter-professional cooperation within academic bodies and with standard setting.

Peter was a formidable teacher using just the right amount of 'carrot and stick' earning the respect of generations of students. On form, he was a dry humoured speaker who could cut through to the important facts.

Peter led SAAD’s first guidance for monitoring during anaesthesia and sedation in 1986.

Few SAAD members remain who will remember him well but those of us who did will remember a force for safe patient care unimpressed by professional self interest groups.